October 25th: Keynote and Product Areas Presentations

October 26th: Applications Session

October 27th: Developers Session


Hybrid Meeting: CSRI, 1450 Innovation Parkway SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

Contact: Phyllis Rutka

Contact: Curtis Ober

Trilinos Background

The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems. A unique design feature of Trilinos is its focus on packages. Full details of Trilinos and links to package websites can be found at the Trilinos home page.

Meeting Overview

TUG 2022 will be held in-person and virtually hosted by Sandia National Labs. The goal of the annual meeting is to facilitate communication between Trilinos users, stakeholders and developers.


Although this meeting will be hybrid (i.e., attend in-person at Sandia or online via MS Teams), we are encouraging everyone to come and join us in Albuquerque, New Mexico and get (re-) acquainted to the Trilinos community.

There is no registration fee for attendance; however, registration is required for our reporting purposes. Registration may be submitted through October 24, 2022. Registration form will be added soon. Please send the completed registration form to Phyllis Rutka. After registration, attendees will receive an invite for the meetings. Please do not forward the invite as registration is needed to attend.

Unregistered attendees will be removed from the meeting and asked to complete the registration form.

Sandians need to register, as it will help with monitoring attendance, and the reporting requirements for this meeting.

Attending Virtually

If you are planning on attending virtually, please make sure you register for the day(s) you plan to join us by Oct. 24th. The sooner the better!

Attending In-Person

  • If you are a non-Sandian and a non-US citizen, you will need to register by Oct. 12th. Otherwise, you will need to join us virtually.
    • We will send you additionally information on what is needed for you to attend, so please do not delay.
    • Please note that approval for some countries may take too long, and you may need to attend virtually.
  • If you are a non-Sandian and a US citizen, please fill out the registration by Oct. 21st. Otherwise, you will need to join us virtually.
    • This will allow us time to complete the necessary paperwork to get you badged and able to gain entrance to CSRI.
  • If you are a Sandian and a non-US citizen, please make sure Building CSRI is included on your FNRSP, and your registration reflects your in-person status. Again by Oct. 24th
  • If you are a Sandian and a US citizen, please fill out the registration form by Oct. 24th. Again, sooner would help us in the planning!


Complex simulations with the deal.II open source software, and how we use Trilinos for that: Wolfgang Bangerth (Colorado State University)

Trilinos Channel

TUG22 Channel


All times in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) Denver, U.S. (UTC-06:00).

Tuesday, October 25th

8:00 Welcome (C. Ober)
8:15 Keynote - Complex simulations with the deal.II open source software, and how we use Trilinos for that Wolfgang Bangerth (Colorado State University)
Presentations and Updates from Trilinos Product Areas
9:00 Framework
Trilinos Framework Update (C. Ober, J. Willenbring, E. Harvey, W. Burgess) [video]
Overview of GenConfig (E. Harvey, J. Braun, J. Willenbring) [video]
9:45 Data Services
Tpetra in FY23 (C. Siefert) [video]
Kokkos Ecosystem 4.0 Update (Nathan Ellingwood) [video]
10:15 Break
10:30 Discretizations
Trilinos Discretizations Product Update (M. Perego) [video]
Discretizations: Intrepid2 Update (N. Roberts) [video]
11:00 Linear Solvers
Linear Solvers Update (S. Rajamanickam) [video]
11:30 Nonlinear Analysis
Nonlinear Analysis Product Area Update (R. Pawlowski) [video]
11:45 GEMMA Electromagnetic Code and ADELUS - New Capabilities (J. Kotulski, V. Dang ) [video]
12:15 Adjourn

Wednesday, October 26th

Applications Session
8:00 Welcome (C. Ober)
8:15 CFD Simulations with Panzer (R. Glasby, S. Hamilton, S. Slattery) (ORNL)
8:45 Performance of Aria Running on ATS-2 (J. Clausen) [video]
9:15 Ice Sheet Modeling with MALI (M. Perego, J. Watkins)
9:45 The ALEGRA Finite Element Code and Trilinos (T. Fuller) [video]
10:15 Break
10:30 E4S (S. Shende) (U. of Oregon)
11:00 Revolutionary Speedups in SIERRA Structural Dynamics Enhance Mission Impact (J. Vo) [video]
11:30 Adjoint Sensitivities and Calibration of Hypersonic Flow Problems in SPARC (E. Phipps, P. Blonigan, K. Maupin, J. Ray) [video]
12:00 Extreme-scale Electromagnetics for Design and Control of Metamaterials (K. DiPietro, T. Wildey, D. Ridzal) [video]
12:30 Physics based block preconditioning with sparse approximate inverses in MueLu: An application to beam/solid interaction (M. Firmbach, A. Popp, M. Mayr) (U. of the Bundeswehr Munich)
1:00 Adjourn

Thursday October 27th

Developer Sessions
8:00 Welcome (C. Ober)
8:00 TriBITS Modernization Update (R. Bartlett) [video]
8:25 CDash query tutorial for triaging systemic Trilinos PR build and test failures (R. Bartlett) [video]
8:50 Performance Testing talk (J. Hu, G. Danielson, B. Kelley, E. Ridgway)
9:15 Higher-order geometric-algebraic multigrid (C. Glusa) [video]
9:40 Break
9:55 PyTrilinos2: Automatic (Re)generation of a Python Interface for Trilinos (K. Liegeois, C. Glusa) [video]
10:20 Machine Learning & Trilinos (C. Siefert) [video]
10:45 SQE Discussion
11:15 Lunch Break
Panel Discussions
12:00 Future Tools (Moderator: J. Willenbring)
Spack-CM / Test Beds - J. Frye
Spack Driven Software Development and Spack-Manager - P. Sakievich
ASC DevOps Initiative: ASC Unified Environment and Trilinos - S. Warnock
E4S Containers - S. Shende
1:30 Trilinos Usability and Documentation Discussion (J. Loe)
2:15 Break
2:30 Developer Open Discussion (Only discussed the first three.)
  1. (votes: 17) Developer requirements for allowing "External Kokkos" in Trilinos (C. Siefert)
  2. (votes: 14) Adjustments to the Trilinos PR testing processes to remove impediments. (R. Bartlett)
  3. (votes: 12) Are we comfortable having Trilinos depend on Spack (or working actively towards that)? (R. Bartlett)
  4. (votes: 10) A Trilinos Slack channel? (J. Willenbring)
  5. (votes: 7) Use cases for Kokkos execution space instances (aka CUDA streams) in Trilinos (C. Siefert)
  6. (votes: 5) LO/GO template removal in Tpetra stack (to become compile-time options) (C. Siefert)
  7. (votes: 4) Should we have a Trilinos 14 publication, since current Trilinos references are old (S. Rajamanickam)
  8. (votes: 2) Fostering community participation in Trilinos (J. Willenbring)
  9. (votes: 1) Documentation for Trilinos? (J. Loe)
  10. (votes: 0) In-person/remote approach for future meetings (was there sufficient in-person attendance to make that useful?) (J. Willenbring)
  11. (votes: 0) Trilinos test cases for E4S that stress AMD (and later Intel) GPUs? (J. Willenbring)
3:30 Adjourn