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The Finite Element Interface to Linear Solvers (FEI) is a general interface for assembling finite-element data into a linear system of equations. It is an abstraction layer that insulates finite-element application codes from linear-algebra issues such as sparse matrix storage formats and mappings from nodes and solution fields to distributed equation spaces. It puts a common face on various linear solvers, allowing finite-element applications to switch from one solver library to another with minimal changes to application code. FEI provides natural mechanisms for assembling finite-element data such as element-wise stiffness arrays and load vectors, boundary-condition specifications and constraint relations. It accepts data from multi-physics problems, allowing arbitrarily complicated elements with multiple solution fields per node, and cell centered fields. It is designed for use in distributed-memory parallel finite-element applications, to assemble and solve distributed linear systems using scalable underlying solver libraries.

FEI is still maintained but no longer deveoped.