Trilinos Framework Product

Framework Product Lead: Jim Willenbring


The Framework Product provides resources for both users and developers. This product is different from the other Trilinos Products in that the resources provided extend beyond packages. Resources that assist users or developers with using or learning to use Trilinos are included.

Trilinos User Documentation

The Trilinos project provides a guide to getting started with using Trilinos. In addition, the documentation page features links to a pdf and hand-on tutorial, as well as information about how to compile Trilinos and build against Trilinos libraries. Trilinos user documentation can be found at the following links:

Getting started with using Trilinos
Trilinos user documentation webpage

Package-Specific Documentation, including Doxygen and user guides (when available)
After clicking on the above link, click on the name of a package in the main body of the page. Then click on a link in the “Documentation” box (development and release versions are available for most packages).

Trilinos Developer Documentation and Tools

The Trilinos Developer Wiki provides information about Trilinos development tools and policies.

Trilinos Developer Wiki

Package List

The following packages are part of the Trilinos Framework Product.


Python interface to select Trilinos packages.


Teuchos provides a suite of common tools for Trilinos for developers to use. These tools include BLAS/LAPACK wrappers, smart pointers, parameter lists, XML parsers, etc.

Trilinos Couplings

Collection of DemoApps doing complicated things with Trilinos (e.g. FEM assembly and solution).