The Trilinos Project Strategic Goals have been defined for about two decades. They remain practically unachievable but ever vital as a way to guide efforts going forward.

Algorithm Goals:

  1. Scalable Computations: As problem size and processor counts increase, the cost of computation will remain nearly fixed.
  2. Hardened Computations: Never fail unless the problem is essentially intractable, in which case we diagnose and inform the user why the problem fails and provide a reliable measure of error.
  3. Full Vertical Coverage: Provide leading edge enabling technologies through the entire technical application software stack: from problem construction, solution, and analysis to optimization.

Software Goals:

  1. Universal Interoperability: All Trilinos packages will be interoperable, so that any combination of packages that makes sense algorithmically will be possible within Trilinos and with compatible external software.
  2. Universal Accessibility: All Trilinos capabilities will be available to users of major computing environments: C++, Fortran, Python and the Web, and from the desktop to the latest scalable systems.
  3. Universal RAS: Trilinos will be:
    1. Integrated into every major application at Sandia (Availability).
    2. The leading edge hardened, efficient scalable solution for each of these applications (Reliability).
    3. Easy to maintain and upgrade within the application environment (Serviceability).