Trilinos received a 2004 R&D 100 Award, given out yearly by R&D Magazine to recognize the “100 most technologically significant products introduced in the past year.”

The formal announcement was made in the September 2004 issue of R&D Magazine.

Trilinos Team
Trilinos RD100 Team

SC2004 HPC Software Challenge

Trilinos was awarded one of two HPC Software Challenge Awards as part of the Technical Program at SC2004.

Quoting the call for submissions: “This HPC Software Challenge will honor participants working to improve the productivity of HPC software developers and the quality of HPC software. The simulations and computations that drive HPC are becoming more complex, as are the HPC systems that run them. Software development can become as restrictive a bottleneck as computational intensity. “Coding” must evolve into software engineering to enable software that is not only computationally efficient but also maintainable, extensible, and verifiable.”

We are very please to receive this award since we have made a significant commitment to professional software engineering practices and processes as part of the Trilinos Project. Thank you to all users who have collaborated with us to improve Trilinos and its processes.

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