October 30th - November 2nd


Hybrid Meeting: CSRI, 1450 Innovation Parkway SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

Contact: Phyllis Rutka

Contact: Curtis Ober

Trilinos Background

The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems. A unique design feature of Trilinos is its focus on packages. Full details of Trilinos and links to package websites can be found at the Trilinos home page.

Meeting Overview

We are pleased to announce the 2023 Trilinos User Group Meeting (TUG23) will be held October 31st through November 2nd, 2023 at Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tentative agenda is

  • Monday PM, Oct. 30th – Kokkos Beginner's Tutorial
  • Tuesday AM, Oct. 31st – Keynote Speaker and Area/Package Updates
  • Tuesday PM, Oct. 31st – Trilinos Hackathon
  • Wednesday AM/PM, Nov. 1st – Application and User Talks
  • Thursday AM/PM, Nov. 2nd – Developer’s Day

As in previous years, this will be a hybrid meeting with both virtual and in-person attendees. We do encourage everyone to consider attending in-person, so that we can get together and talk about Trilinos. Both the Application and Developers Day have run into the afternoon due to the amount of material we would like to cover.

Tutorial and Hack-a-thon

Additionally, we will be having a Kokkos Beginner's Tutorial on the afternoon of Oct. 30th (Monday PM), and a Trilinos Hackathon the afternoon of Oct. 31st (Tuesday PM). If you would like to work with Trilinos developers during the hackathon, please let us know. We would like to connect you to them to help incorporate and use Trilinos in your application. If you are interested in this, please let us know early with your registration.


Although this meeting will be hybrid (i.e., attend in-person at Sandia or online via MS Teams), we are encouraging everyone to come and join us in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There is no registration fee for attendance; however, registration is required for our reporting purposes. Registration may be submitted through October 25th, 2023. Please send the completed registration form to Phyllis Rutka. After registration closes on October 25, you be emailed an invite for the meetings. Please do not forward the invite as registration is needed to attend.

Unregistered attendees will be removed from the meeting and asked to complete the registration form.

Sandians need to register, as it will help with monitoring attendance, and the reporting requirements for this meeting.

Attending Virtually

If you are planning on attending virtually, please make sure you register for the day(s) you plan to join us by Oct. 25th. The sooner the better!

Attending In-Person

  • If you are a non-Sandian and a non-US citizen, you will need to declare your intention by Oct. 2nd. Otherwise, you will need to join us virtually.
    • We will send you additional information on what is needed for you to attend in-person, so please do not delay.
    • If from a sensitive country, please contact us by Aug. 28th or as soon as possible as the suggested lead time for the paperwork is 60-days.
    • Please note that process for some countries may take too long, and you may need to attend virtually.
  • If you are a non-Sandian and a US citizen, please fill out the registration by Oct. 25th. Otherwise, you will need to join us virtually.
    • This will allow us time to complete the necessary paperwork to get you badged and able to gain entrance to CSRI.
  • If you are a Sandian and a non-US citizen, please make sure Building CSRI is included on your FNRSP, and your registration reflects your in-person status. Again by Oct. 25th.
  • If you are a Sandian and a US citizen, please fill out the registration form by Oct. 25th. Again, sooner would help us in the planning!


Turning the Titanic with a Leaf-blower: How the DOE, Influences, Leverages and Adapts to an Evolving HPC Industry - Jim Laros (Sandia National Laboratories)

In this presentation, I will give a hopefully informal interactive talk attempting to touch on various topics related to the history of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Sandia’s Center for Computing Research (CCR) and what the future might hold. As we gaze into the crystal ball together, we will look at the motivations and possibilities for future technologies and speculate on what we may see in the coming 5-10 years, while avoiding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) information. I’ll touch on the NNSA platform strategy and present some history of the path from prototypes to large platform installations using examples from first our Advanced Architecture Test Bed program and more recently our Vanguard program and the impact we hope to have on future NNSA architectures.

Tentative Agenda

All times in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) Denver, U.S. (UTC-06:00).

Monday, October 30th

Pre-TUG Tutorial
1:00 Kokkos Beginner's Tutorial (Christian Trott)
5:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, October 31st

8:00 Welcome (C. Ober, J. Willenbring)
8:15 Keynote - Turning the Titanic with a Leaf-blower: How the DOE, Influences, Leverages and Adapts to an Evolving HPC Industry - Jim Laros (Sandia National Laboratories)
9:15 Trilinos DevOps Pipeline Planning (S. Browne, J. Hu, C. Ober*, R. Pawlowski, J. Willenbring)
10:15 Break
10:30 Introduction of New Strategic and Operational Leadership (C. Ober, S. Rajamanickam)
Updates from Trilinos Areas
10:45 Framework Updates (S. Browne)
11:15 Trilinos Core Product Area Update (R. Pawlowski)
11:45 Trilinos Solver Updates (C. Glusa)
12:00 Discretizations and Analysis product update (M. Perego)
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Trilinos Hackathon
  • There will be several Trilinos Developers available to help you with various packages.
5:00 Adjourn

Wednesday, November 1st

Applications Session
8:00 Welcome (C. Ober, J. Willenbring)
8:15 CFD Simulations with Panzer S. Hamilton (ORNL) S. Slattery (ORNL) T. Erwin (ORNL) R. Pawlowski (SNL) B. Reuter (SNL)
8:45 Fast and Robust Overlapping Schwarz (FROSch) Preconditioners in Trilinos (A. Heinlein)
9:15 PDE-constrained optimization for ice sheet model initialization in MALI (M. Perego, K. Liegeois)
9:45 Recent Fusion-Related Results in Drekar (E. Phillips)
10:15 Break
10:45 Plato Optimization-Based Design (S. Hardesty, D. Ridzal)
11:15 Grafiki: Trilinos-based Software for High-Performance Distributed Graph-based Algorithms (N. Ellingwood)
11:45 A Distributed-Memory Schur-complement PCA Preconditioner for Gemma Ill-conditioned Problems (V. Dang, J. Kotulski)
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Performance of Modal Random Vibration Calculations for Structural Dynamics on Heterogeneous Computing Architectures (J. Plews, N. Crane)
  • Trilinos Tools: Identifying Host-To-Device Transfers and State Of The Code (C. Siefert, J. Hu)
  • Tpetra Memory Transfer Tracking in Action (J. Hu, C. Siefert)
  • 2:30
  • Using Kokkos In Tpetra Finite Element Assembly (C. Pearson, C. Siefert)
  • Epetra to Tpetra Transition in ALEGRA (T. Fuller)
  • 3:00 Break
    3:15 Trilinos Performance Monitoring with Watchr (B. Kelley)
    3:35 ASC DevOps Trilinos Planning Team: Common Build Trilinos Products (S, Baxley, A. Potla, S. Warnock)
    4:05 Adjourn

    Thursday, November 2nd

    Developer Sessions
    8:00 Welcome (C. Ober, J. Willenbring)
    8:15 Modern TriBITS (R. Bartlett)
    8:45 Kokkos Overview on new capabilities and programmatic developments (C. Trott)
    9:15 Kokkos Kernels (L. Berger-Vergiat, S. Rajamanickam, V. Dang, N. Ellingwood, J. Foucar, B. Kelley, E. Harvey, K. Liegeois, C. Pearson, E. Prudencio)
    9:45 Break
    10:00 E4S and Frank: A Platform for CI/CD with GPUs (S. Shende)
    10:30 Advancing Software Code Credibility and Pedigree Using SQE (J. Turgeon)
    11:00 Results of Trilinos DevOps Pipeline Survey (S. Browne, J. Hu, C. Ober*, R. Pawlowski, J. Willenbring)
    11:30 Lunch Break
    Containers and Spack
    12:30 Developing Trilinos Within Containers (S. Browne)
    1:00 Testing Trilinos with Spack (S. Browne, J. LaPre)
    1:30 Containers and MPMD for CTH/SABLE (A. Agelastos)
    1:45 Adoption and Usage of Spack in ALEGRA DevOps and Development (T. Fuller)
    2:15 Break
    • Vote on Open Discussion Topics
    2:45 Open Discussion (Votes: (Limit 3 votes per person / Unlimited votes for other topics))
    • Trilinos and the High Performance Software Foundation (HPSF) (C. Trott) (Discussed)
    • (10/1) Deprecating Cmake options in Trilinos (Ross, Chris) (Discussed)
    • (9/0) Containers (Discussed)
    • (9/0) Tpetra-level support for Kokkos execution space instances (Chris) (Discussed)
    • (8/0) Spack (Discussed)
    • (7/2) Nightly and Integration Testing (Discussed)
      • How to better incorporate into workflow?
      • Some developers can't see nightly testing.
    • (4/0) Epetra-Tpetra Transition for Trilinos Packages in FY24 (C. Ober and C. Siefert)
      • e.g., test coverage, missing functionality and performance.
    • (2/0) Better labels for the Kokkos views (Glusa)
      • A mechanism to prefix all views created within MueLu with "MueLu:".
      • A mechanism to label all views that are created without an explicit label with some useful identifier, e.g. "filename, line number".
    • (2/0) clang-format?
    • (1/2) Framework: add action to delete merge branches? (J. Hu)
    • (1/0) GTest as a TPL (T. Romin)
    • (1/0) Trilinos DevOps Pipeline and Survey
    • (0/1) General Trilinos maintenance: useless spaces are making up to 2 MB (T. Romin)
    5:00 Adjourn