Historically software usage has been under-acknowledged by the research community. If you are using Trilinos, we would appreciate having a citation of our software in your publications. For convenience, here is a suitable BibTeX entry. Please feel free to copy and paste it into your .bib file, or use another format if you prefer. Thank you!

title = {The {T}rilinos {P}roject {W}ebsite},
author = {The {T}rilinos {P}roject {T}eam}},
year = {2020 (acccessed May 22, 2020)},
url = {https://trilinos.github.io}

If you want to cite a specific package in Trilinos, you may provide a direct link to its webpage too. For example:

title = {The {M}uelu {P}roject {W}ebsite},
author = {The {M}uelu {P}roject {T}eam}},
year = {2020 (acccessed May 22, 2020)},
url = {https://trilinos.github.io/muelu.html}

Note that you may need to install the URL package: