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Trilinos Release 12.12.1

Note on Trilinos Tarfile Releases: While Trilinos compressed tarfile releases are important for some scripted workflows, most Trilinos users have migrated to directly interacting with the Trilinos GitHub repository. As a result, the Trilinos projects has substantially reduced the frequency of compressed tarfile releases. If you want to keep up with more frequent updates, please use the Trilinos GitHub master branch. See the Trilinos GitHub summary page for details.

Download: .gz (93.26 MB), .bz2 (77.69 MB)

CRC checksum:
.gz 2741256545 .bz2 2265823741

Total downloads: 534

Trilinos 12.12 was released in September 2017 and includes the following packages:

Download Trilinos Packages Version 12.12  
Amesos Galeri MOOCHO RTOp Teuchos  
Amesos2 GlobiPack MueLu Rythmos ThreadPool  
Anasazi Ifpack NOX Sacado Thyra  
AztecOO Ifpack2 Optika SEACAS Tpetra  
Belos Intrepid OptiPack Shards TriKota  
CTrilinos Isorropia Pamgen ShyLU TrilinosCouplings  
Didasko Kokkos Phalanx STK Trios  
Domi Komplex Pike Stokhos Xpetra Triutils
Epetra LOCA Piro Stratimikos    
EpetraExt Mesquite Pliris Sundance Zoltan  
Fei ML PyTrilinos Teko Zoltan2  
ForTrilinos Moertel ROL Tempus    

For more details about the release, view the release notes and the license.

Instructions for the Trilinos CMake build system can be found here.