Trilinos Product Manager

Contact: Curtis Ober


The Trilinos Product Manager serves as a single point of contact for Trilinos stakeholders. The Product Manager provides an important role that crosscuts the product areas and facilitates a more coordinated effort to user support for our customers.

Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as single point of contact and customer liaison for stakeholders.
    • Improve communication with stakeholders and identify key issues.
    • Help gather and prioritize requirements from stakeholders.
    • Communicate these to Product Area Leads
  • Product Manager will coordinate these interactions as a whole for the Trilinos project.
  • Improve and coordinate Strategic Planning
    • Help develop plans/directions for Trilinos software product.
    • Help develop prioritized list of stakeholder requests.
    • Assist management in prioritizing internal funding decisions.
    • Monitor and track key stakeholder issues.
    • Work with Product Area Leads to chart new directions for Trilinos.
  • Stakeholders can and should still engage product leads individually. However if a request/issue requires significant effort, the Product Manager should be included in the discussion.
  • Develop and improve internal Trilinos structure
    • Improve configuration, build and running with Trilinos.
    • Improve deployment and testing (e.g., incorporating stakeholder requirements)
    • Manage cross product-area changes to Trilinos (e.g., removal of UVM and Epetra)