Trilinos User Group Meeting

November 2nd -- November 5th, 2009

Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Mike Heroux

External Attendees

The Trilinos User Group meeting is being held outside the tech areas. This is to facilitate attendance by a broader audience. However, depending on your individual situation, special arrangements may still be necessary to attend. If you have questions please contact Mike Heroux

Meeting Overview

In an effort to facilitate communication between Trilinos users, clients and developers, we are holding a user group meeting. Presentation times, titles and abstracts will be available in the near future.

Meeting Format

We have structured the meeting in an attempt to make the best use of participants’ time. Presentation titles and abstracts are linked below, along with a description of the intended audience for each talk. Similar talks are scheduled together, and discussion periods are schedule after a collection of talks in order to facilitate user/developer discussions on particular topics.


Note that talks sheduled for one hour will be 45 minutes, with the final 15 minutes reserved for discussion.


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Map and Directions to CSRI Building

Arvada to Louisiana, turn left. Get on I-40 East (left), exit on Eubank south (right). Around 5 or 6 lights, take a left at Gibson and a right at the stop sign -- Innovation Parkway. Second building on left, 1450 Innovation Parkway.

Map (circled in red on the right)
Google Maps (from that intersection, east on Reasearch Rd to Innovation Pkwy)


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Starting Time Tutorial Day User Days Developer Day
Monday, Nov. 2 Tuesday, Nov. 3 Wednesday, Nov. 4 Thursday, Nov. 5
Room 90 Room 90 Room 90 Room 279 Room 90
8:30 am Building Trilinos with CMake
(Brent P.)
[presentation pdf]
(Roger P.)
(Carter E.)
Trilinos SE Status and Future Issues
[presentation pdf ppt]
(Ross B.)
9:00 am Introductions, Progress, Challenges, and Future Plans
(Mike H.)
Capability Couplings
[presentation pdf]
(Kara P.)
9:15 am
9:30 am 4 Capability Area Summaries
[Linear & Eigen Solvers pdf]
[SE Technologies and Integration pdf ppt]
[presentation pdf]
(Mark Hoemmen)
Trilinos Framework Update and Policy Page Review
(Jim W.)
9:45 am Mesquite
[presentation pdf]
(Pat K.)
10:15 am Break Break Break Break
10:30 am 3 Capability Area Summaries What’s New in Isorropia
[presentation pdf]
(Erik B.)
Summary Kernel Discussion Git Training
(Elijah N.)
10:45 am
11:00 am Mature Nonlinear Analysis Capabilities: NOX, LOCA, Rythmos, Sacado
[NOX pdf]
[LOCA pdf]
[Sacado pdf]
(Roger P, Eric P, Todd C)
[presentation pdf]
(Mike P.)
Introducing Tpetra and Kokkos
[presentation pptx]
(Chris B.)
Teuchos Memory Management
[presentation pptx] (begins on slide 16)
(Chris B.)
11:15 am
11:45 am Transient Sensitivities and Adjoints
(Todd C.)
Lunch -- on site
12:00 pm Lunch Lunch
12:30 pm Teuchos Unit Testing Tutorial
(Todd C.)
1:00 pm Trilinos Tutorial
(Mike H. 1:00 p.m.-5:15 p.m.)
Release 10.0 Retrospective and Post-10.0 Process Changes
[presentation pdf ppt]
(Mike H., Ross B.)
1:15 pm
1:30 pm Embedded UQ with Stokhos
[presentation pdf]
(Eric P.)
Library Mode Dakota via TriKota
(Andy S.)
Pattern Formation in Mesoscopic Superconductors
[presentation pdf]
(User Talk -- Nico Schloemer)
2:00 pm Future Systems Performance Issues
(Mike H. and Doug D.)
Trilinos Strategic Planning
(5 min per capability leader and discussion)
2:15 pm Software Development Environments for Scientific and Engineering Software
[presentation pdf]
(User Talk -- Jeff Carver)
2:45 pm Intro to Optika
[presentation pdf ppt]
(Kurtis N.)
3:00 pm Terminal Packages
3:15 pm Break Break
3:30 pm Break Trilinos Advisory Group Session Trilinos Strategic Planning
(project based)
3:45 pm Teko: A Package for Mulitphysics Preconditioners
[presentation pdf]
(User Talk -- Eric Cyr)
4:30 pm