UMFPACK Installation

NOTE: These intructions were updated in February 2007 for Umfpack 5. They may not be kept up-to-date. Refer to the Umfpack documentation for more recent and more complete instructions.

UMFPACK must be installed before Amesos_Umfpack can be used. Follow these steps to install UMFPACK on your system:

  • Obtain the UMFPACK distribution from Tim Davis’s web site
  • Untar the UMFPACK code in your Trilinos3PL directory.
    • Note that UMFPACK 5 requires two additional packages: UFconfig and AMD. Download and untar all three.
  • Build UMFPACK
    • Edit UFconfig/
    • Note:Trilinos3PL/config/UMFPACKv5 contains the files that I used.
    • cd UMFPACK
    • make
  • Check the results:
    • Execuing “make” in the UMFPACK directory runs tests and compares results against expected results.
  • Update your configure invocation script by, for example, adding the following:
    • –enable-amesos-umfpack
    • –with-libs=”/directory_path/UMFPACK/Lib/libumfpack.a “
    • –with-incdirs=”-I/directory_path/UMFPACK/Include/”
  • Note that libamd.a is no longer required as AMD is automatically included in Amesos.