MUMPS Support

Trilinos 10.0 includes support for MUMPS version 4.7.3. There is experimental support for MUMPS 4.9 (please contact the amesos-developers for details).

MUMPS Installation

NOTE: These intructions were updated in June 2006. They may not be kept up-to-date. Refer to the MUMPS website for more recent and more complete instructions.

MUMPS and ScaLAPACK must both be available on your system before Amesos_Mumpscan be used.

MUMPS requires a fortran 90 compiler. Most high performance computer systems include a fortan 90 compiler and the gnu compilers now include the gnu f95 compiler, gfortran, by default. MUMPS has been shown to work with Intel’s fortran 90 compiler, ifort, which can be evaluated for free, IBM’s mpxlf90_r, and gfortran among others. First, choose your fortran compiler and then install ScaLAPACK using that compiler (if it isn’t already installed on your computer).

You will need to request a copy of MUMPS using the MUMPS request form. They will give you a link to the latest MUMPS public release.

To install ScaLAPACK on your system refer to the instructions for installing Amesos_Scalapack

To build MUMPS:

  • Untar MUMPS into your MUMPS directory: “tar xzf MUMPS_4.6.1.tar.gz”
  • Create a, starting from one of the templates in the directory.
    • Set CC, FC, and FL (typically the same as FC, the fortran compiler)
    • Set BLACSdir, BLACSFINIT, BLACSINIT and BLACSLIB to point to the BLACS libraries that you used in Amesos_Scalapack
    • Set SCALIB to point to the ScaLAPACK library that you used in Amesos_Scalapack.
    • Set OPTF, OPTC and OPTL to the compilation and link flags that wish to use.
    • Set CDEFS to match INTFACE in and CDEFS in Syntax is slightly different though.
  • make
  • Run the MUMPS example codes on four processors, on some machines this can be done as follows:
    • “mpirun -np 4 c_example” expected result:

      Solution is : (    1.00      2.00)
    • “mpirun -np 4 dsimpletest < input_simpletest_real” expected result ends in:

       ****** SOLVE & CHECK STEP ********
       STATISTICS PRIOR SOLVE PHASE     ...........
       NUMBER OF RIGHT-HAND-SIDES                    =           1
       BLOCKING FACTOR FOR MULTIPLE RHS              =           1
       ICNTL (9)                                     =           1
        --- (10)                                     =           0
        --- (11)                                     =           0
        --- (20)                                     =           0
        --- (21)                                     =           0
        Solution is   0.999999999999998        2.00000000000000     
         3.00000000000000        4.00000000000000        5.00000000000000

To build Amesos-Mumps:

  • Update your configure invocation script, making sure to specify your fortran compiler, something along the following lines:
    • –enable-amesos-mumps F77=gfortran –with-lapack=”-llapack” –with-blas=”-lblas” –with-libs=”/home/kstanley/Trilinos3PL/MUMPS_4.6.1/MUMPS_4.6.1/lib/libdmumps.a /home/kstanley/Trilinos3PL/MUMPS_4.6.1/MUMPS_4.6.1/PORD/lib/libpord.a /home/username/Trilinos3PL/SCALAPACK/scalapack-1.7.3/libscalapack.a /home/username/Trilinos3PL/SCALAPACK/BLACS/LIB/blacsF77init_MPI-SGI5-0.a /home/username/Trilinos3PL/SCALAPACK/BLACS/LIB/blacs_MPI-SGI5-0.a “
    • The lapack and blas libraries may or may not need to be listed explicitly and, in some cases, may need to be listed in the –with-libs line. If you are having trouble, you may want to try adding CXXFLAGS=-g to speed compilation.
  • Common Problems: Refer to the common problems section in the Amesos_Scalapack installation guide.