October 22nd: User Sessions
October 23rd: Developer Sessions & Performance Testing (Not specific to Trilinos)
October 24th: UVM Session (morning only)


Computer Science Research Institute
1450 Innovation Parkway, SE
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Jim Willenbring

Trilinos Background

The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems. A unique design feature of Trilinos is its focus on packages. Full details of Trilinos and links to package websites can be found at the Trilinos home page.

Meeting Overview

TUG 2019 was held in Albuquerque and hosted by Sandia National Labs. The goal of the annual meeting is to facilitate communication between Trilinos users, clients and developers.




Tuesday, October 22nd (User Day)

Welcome and Trilinos Product Model Update (J. Willenbring)
Trilinos Framework Product Update (J. Willenbring)
9:209:40 Discretizations Product Update (M. Perego)
9:4010:00 Data Services Product Update (K. Devine)
10:0010:30 Break
10:3010:50 Tpetra FE Assembly Layer: Getting Both Convenience and Performance (C. Siefert)
10:5011:10 Linear Solver Product Update (J. Hu)
MueLu: Algorithmic Developments and NGP Performance (J. Hu)
11:3011:50 Nonlinear Solver Product Update (R. Pawlowski)
11:501:00 Lunch
1:001:20 Introduction to GitDist (J. Gates)
1:201:40 Writing Good Bug Reports (W. McLendon)
1:402:00 Intro to SPiFI (J. Gates)
2:002:45 Stability w.r.t. the Tip of develop: An Experience Report from Two Years In (J. Gates)
2:453:15 Break
3:155:00 User Feedback

Wednesday, October 23rd (Developer Day and Performance Testing)

8:308:45 Developer Day Welcome (J. Willenbring)
8:459:00 for Automated Test Alerts (R. Bartlett)
9:009:30 SEMS Reintroduced (W. Burgess)
9:3010:00 Refactoring: Lessons learned from changing bash to python (P. Wolfenbarger)
10:0010:30 Break
10:3012:00 Trilinos Strategic Planning
12:001:30 Lunch
1:302:30 Performance Testing - Introduction of Existing Efforts and Tools (J. Elliott, S. Swan, J. Watkins, E. Ridgway)
2:304:00 Performance Testing Discussion

Thursday October 24th (Developer Sessions)

9:3010:30 Alternatives to UVM in Trilinos (M. Hoemmen)
10:3011:30 Alternatives to UVM Discussion