October 23th: User Tutorial (tentative)
October 24th: User Sessions
October 25th: Developer Sessions
October 26th: Optional Small Group Developer Sessions, morning only


Computer Science Research Institute
1450 Innovation Parkway, SE
Albuquerque, NM
Contact: Mike Heroux

Trilinos Background

The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems. A unique design feature of Trilinos is its focus on packages. Full details of Trilinos and links to package websites can be found at the Trilinos home page.

Meeting Overview

TUG 2017 will be held in Albuquerque and hosted by Sandia National Labs. The goal of the annual meeting is to facilitate communication between Trilinos users, clients and developers.


Registration for TUG 2017 is limited. If you wish to attend and are not a Sandia employee or contractor, please contact the TUG organizers for more information before registering. Registration for eligible attendees is now available.


Note: The below schedule is tentative and could change significantly, including dates and start and end times.

Monday, October 23th (User Tutorial)

Trilinos Tutorial (M. Hoemmen & L. Berger-Vergiat)
TBD5:00 Trilinos Tutorial - MueLu focus (L. Berger-Vergiat)

Tuesday, October 24th (User Day)

8:309:30 Trilinos Future Plans and Product Overview (M. Heroux)
9:3010:00 Kokkoskernels Update (S. Rajamanickam)
10:0010:30 BREAK
10:3011:00 The MiniSolver Framework for Complex Material Models (A. Mota)
11:0011:45 Rapid Optimization Library: Overview and a Micro-Tutorial (D. Ridzal, G. von Winckel)
11:451:15 Lunch
1:151:30 ForTrilinos: using SWIG to auto-generate Fortran interface to Trilinos (A. Prokopenko)
1:301:50 Trilinos and PyTrilinos installers for Anaconda (B. Spotz)
1:502:10 Tempus (C. Ober)
2:102:35 Trilinos' Linear Solver integrated in MFiX, a Fortran based Multiphase Solver from NETL (V. Kotteda, V. Kumar, W. Spotz)
2:353:00 Using the Basker Linear Solvers in Xyce (H. Thornquist)
3:003:30 Break
3:304:30 User Feedback / User meeting wrap-up

Wednesday October 25th (Trilinos Developers Only)

8:3010:15 Developer Discussion of Trilinos Products (M. Heroux, Product Leaders)
10:1510:45 BREAK
10:4511:15 Sub-team workflows for increased team productivity, tight team integration and scalable testing (R. Bartlett, D. Ridzal)
11:1511:45 Many-core/GPU testing requirements and approaches, Discussion
11:4512:45 Lunch
12:451:15 Stability w.r.t. the Tip of Develop (J. Gates)
1:151:30 Help! I'm Drowning in Trilinos Emails! Productivity Hints from the MueLu Team (C. Siefert)
1:302:00 Pull Request Testing (J. Willenbring & A. Levine)
2:002:30 Strategic Planning
2:303:00 Break
3:004:30 Strategic Planning

Thursday, October 26th Small Group Developer Meetings

Refactoring Thyra Abstractions (R. Pawlowski, discussion leader)