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ForTrilinos installation

ForTrilinos is built as an independent software library with the Trilinos software library as its only dependency. ForTrilinos can be installed through the Spack HPC package manager or independently from your local installation of Trilinos.

To install ForTrilinos version 2.0.0-dev2 through an existing Spack installation (v0.16 or higher, or the develop branch):

$ spack install fortrilinos@2.0.0-dev2 ^trilinos@12.18.1+nox+stratimikos

To install manually, you can point to the target Trilinos installation with the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or Trilinos_ROOT environment variables, or with a Trilinos_ROOT CMake variable:

$ git clone && cd ForTrilinos
$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake -DTrilinos_ROOT=/opt/trilinos -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/fortrilinos ..
$ make install


ForTrilinos includes several Fortran modules (forteuchos, forbelos, fortpetra) that are thin layers built on top of Trilinos packages. The fortrilinos_hl package is a high-level set of wrappers that exposes linear, nonlinear, and eigenvalue solvers.

Different Trilinos packages are required for different levels of functionality:

Package Module
Teuchos [all]
Belos forbelos
Tpetra fortpetra
Anasazi fortrilinos_hl
NOX fortrilinos_hl
Stratimikos fortrilinos_hl
Thyra fortrilinos_hl
Amesos2 fortrilinos_hl (optional)
Ifpack2 fortrilinos_hl (optional)
MueLu fortrilinos_hl (optional)

Downstream usage

To use ForTrilinos as part of your CMake app, simply ensure that CMake can find it (using the standard CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or ForTrilinos_ROOT environment variables, or the ForTrilinos_ROOT CMake variable); and add


An example application that uses ForTrilinos and MPI-provided Fortran bindings might look like:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.12)
project(ForTrilinosInstallTest VERSION 0.0.1 LANGUAGES Fortran)


add_executable(downstream-app downstream-app.F90)
target_link_libraries(downstream-app ForTrilinos::ForTrilinos MPI::MPI_Fortran)

and the downstream-app.F90 app will simply need

use forteuchos
use fortpetra