What is PAMGEN useful for?

PAMGEN is useful for providing a parallel unstructured finite-element analysis code with a huge mesh.

How many elements can PAMGEN generate?

The number of elements PAMGEN can generate is limited by the size of a 32 bit integer (just above two billion).

Does PAMGEN scale well?

PAMGEN performs no internal inter-processor communication and so scales very well.

What kinds of elements can PAMGEN generate?

4 node quads in 2D and 8 node hexes in 3D.

Does PAMGEN perform any communication within its routines?


What kinds of domain decomposition does PAMGEN provide.

PAMGEN provides several decomposition options. The most useful is a simple bisection strategy that slices the mesh in different topological directions. This strategy works best when the number of processors has many prime factors. A user defined slicing strategy allows control which topological direction are sliced. A random decomposition method is provided as a stress test for analysis codes.