Adding –enable-amesos to the configure line will allow Amesos to be installed and offers access to the Amesos_Klu class. Access to other classes require some additional installation effort.

We recommend that you create a Trilinos3PL directory to house all of the third party libraries that you will use with Amesos.


Amesos configure switches. UMFPACK

UMFPACK installation supports Amesos_Umfpack. ScaLAPACK

ScaLAPACK installation supports Amesos_Scalapack. ScaLAPACK is also required for Amesos_Mumps. MUMPS

MUMPS installation supports Amesos_Mumps. PARAKLETE

PARAKLETE installation supports Amesos_Paraklete. SuperLU MPI

SuperLU MPI installation supports Amesos_Superludist. KLU

Amesos_KLU does not require the installation of any third party package. DSCPACK

DSCPACK installation supports Amesos_Dscpack.

Other Amesos Installation